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Bandwidth, K = 1000

  • Bit 8000000
  • Byte 1000000
  • Kilobit 8000
  • Kilobyte 1000
  • Megabit 8
  • Megabyte 1
  • Gigabit 0.008
  • Gigabyte 0.001
  • Terabit 8.0E-6
  • Terabyte 1.0E-6
  • Petabit 8.0E-9
  • Petabyte 1.0E-9
  • Exabit 8.0E-12
  • Exabyte 1.0E-12
  • Zettabit 8.0E-15
  • Zettabyte 1.0E-15
  • Yottabit 8.0E-18
  • Yottabyte 1.0E-18
The value of K (Kilo) during calculations can take two values 1024 or 1000, depends on which type of calculation you want to perform. Consider using K = 1024 when you are considering storage capacity whether in hard disk, DVDs, flash drives or other devices and storage media. K = 1000 should be used when you are thinking of throughput, ie the speed at which information is transferred.
If your computer has 1 KB of disk space is says that he has 1024 B of space, now the throughput of your network card is 1 KB/s then it is said that it transmits data to 1000 B/s.
Most part of our users use this calculator as a byte converter converting bytes to mb, bytes to gb, bits to bytes, megabytes to kilobytes and many other formats.